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Schedule for Week of 10/13
by posted 10/13/2019


A little adversity early led to a huge response by the team.  Excellent stuff.  That D1 team has a lot of talent.  Hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard.  Pride week.  This one is special for a number of us.  We lead the Prime Time games at 3pm.  Here is the plan

Monday                 Practice                Waters                 5:30-7:30               Full Gear

Wednesday            Practice                Waters                 5:30-7:30               Full Gear

Thursday               Practice                 Waters                 5:30-7:30              Helm/Sh Pads

Saturday                Meet at Waters   1:45

                              Game vs Pride    3pm



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Schedule for week of 10/6
by posted 10/06/2019


Great work on Saturday.  We hit the toughest three game stretch coming up.  A little shift this week.  Here is the plan

Tuesday               Practice              Waters               5:30-7:30           Full Gear

Wednesday          Practice                Waters               5:30-7:30           Full Gear

Thursday             Practice                Waters              5:30-7:30           Helm and Sh Pads

Saturday             Meet at Waters  7:45am

                           Game vs D!        9:00am



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by posted 08/10/2019



Welcome to the 2019 90 American Vienna Steelers.  Your children have been spectacular this first week.  We are impressed by their attitude and effort.   I use the VYI Website for the bulk of my communication.  If there are any email addresses you would like to add, please let me know
Here are your 2019 Vienna Steelers
Nolan Carpenter
Otis Casey
Ethan Heim
Jeremy Jackson
BJ Johnson
Camren Knicely
Jason Lane
Walker Littleton
Henry Maiden
Owen McCarton
Valentine Napakhan
Douglass O'Donnell
Vincent Ordones
Luke Salvosa
John Henry Schroder
Quinn Smith
We have a facebook page @The Vienna Steelers.  Please feel free to like and share.  It would be great if we could have a parent volunteer to photograph games.  We are also looking for a volunteer to film our games for us.  
The Vienna Steelers were started in 1980 and since then we have been one of the most successful teams in Fairfax County. We are excited about the effort and enthusiasm your children have shown over the last week and look forward to their development as football players and young men. We ask an awful lot of the kids to compete in football at this age and will continue to challenge them every day to take the opportunity to improve at every practice and game. We work very hard as a Coaching staff to ensure that your child has a lot of fun, learns a lot of football, and learns the concept of teamwork. I hope as parents you will continue to support our efforts and goals
Our coaching staff is filled with experienced coaches and former Vienna football players.  Doug Lee, Associate Head Coach, Offensive Line and Defensive Ends;  David Friedman, former Vienna Steeler, Offensive Line and Defensive Ends;  Patrick Fox, former Vienna Football Player, Offensive Line and Linebackers;  Todd Blevins, former Vienna Football Player, Offensive and Defensive Line;  Tom Hanton, long time Steeler Coach, Offensive Backfield and Defensive Ends;  Chris Collins, former Linebacker at Penn State, long time Steeler Coach;  Roy Littleton, Offensive and Defensive Backfield;  Donn Salvosa, Offensive and Defensive Backs.  Joining our staff this year are Coach Neil Winsten  who is joining us from the flag ranks, offensive and defensive lines and we are also joined by Carp Carpenter who just moved up here from Florida with his family.  I am Todd Casey, the Head Coach of the Vienna Steelers.
We have been very lucky with the support the parents have given us over the years.  Our team mom is a veteran of Vienna Football :), Beth Salvosa.  I am known to pull parents out of the stands during practice to help.  Make sure you wear a good pair of tennis shoes!
We are always looking for support for our team in the way of sponsorship. We had a very generous group of sponsors last year that we are a very big part of our success and allowed us to reward our kids for the hard work they exhibited all season long. If you know of anyone who may be able to make a donation I have provide a cover letter explaining how we use the funds are distributed and used. 
We have some exciting events planned.  Most important is our team will be travelling to Chicago to play on August 21.  We will also be touring Notre Dame on this trip!  I will send out a schedule for the upcoming weeks shortly and you can expect weekly e-mails from me to keep you up to date on the schedule.  If you ever have any questions or concerns please feel free to call or email me. I look very much forward to the upcoming season and very much expect to be playing football through November.

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