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Welcome to VYI Football!

Welcome to Vienna Youth Inc. Football. Our program has a long history and tradition of building champions and young men and women of character. VYI is proud of the fact that our Football program is the most successful program in the history of the Fairfax County Youth Football league. This success is driven by the level of commitment and support delivered by our coaches, players, parents, volunteers, and community that goes above and beyond the average youth program.  VYI is a strong advocate of the "Head's Up" Football program.  We encourage you to visit www.usafootball.com for more information.

If you are interested in volunteering as a coach, assistant coach, or in any other capacity, please contact us at  or complete the coach application on the left menu.



Dec 1            Registration opens

March 15      Flag Assessments at Oakton HS Field 1

                     5/6 Assessments 9am-10am

                     7/8 Assessments 10am-11am

                     9/10 Assessments 11am-12:30pm

                     11/12 Assessments 12:30pm-2pm

March 17      Practices Begin

April 19         Games Begin

June 7          Flag Championships


March 22           Registration Opens

Aug 3-6        VYI Football Camp 6-8pm at Waters Field

Aug 10         First Day of Practice

Visit and Join the Vienna Youth Football Facebook page and follow us on Twitter:



Additional advice and information can be found there.

2020 Flag Football Season Cancelled

Dear VYI Parents:

For the safety and well-being of our participants and in compliance with the Governor’s orders, VYI will be cancelling the spring sports seasons for lacrosse, volleyball, flag football, rugby, and track.

VYI understands that some families are impacted more than others and will therefore offer each family one of three choices related to fees already paid for the season (including – if applicable for your sport - base registration fees, any late fees, and any non-volunteer fees that were paid).

The choices are enumerated at our website on a registration form that each family, which is currently registered for a VYI Spring sport, must fill out. You need to go to www.vyi.org and at our home page, click on "REGISTER ONLINE" in the left hand column and hit "SUBMIT" after your personal info and then complete the registration form questions.


  1. DONATE - VYI is a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization and your donations are always appreciated. VYI uses these donated funds to serve our community and to obtain fields and gyms, buy equipment, store equipment, pay fees for those in need, and many other uses related to providing our youth sports programs. We expect INCREASED NEED for scholarships in the near future. If you wish to donate, click on "DONATE" and you will be offered a thank you letter where you can fill in the amount of your fees for tax related purposes.
  2. CREDIT - VYI offers you the opportunity to leave your money with VYI to be credited toward a future season. By clicking on "CREDIT" VYI will maintain these amounts on credit at our website and in our physical records and they may be used as a credit against future fees for other VYI seasons. Credits must be used by 7/1/2021.
  3. REFUND - VYI offers a third alternative by clicking on "REFUND" and that is to get a credit on your credit card bill or a check for FEES ALREADY PAID your registration fees.

Processing this many requests at once is unprecedented for us and will require a significant effort on the part of our volunteers. Please bear with us as we process your requests.

VYI Board of Directors

by posted 03/24/2020
Field and Facility Conduct
Dear Parents and Coaches,

VYI has received some complaints concerning the behavior of some parents, coaches and/or children using area sports facilities. While many of these complaints are eventually discovered to be related to other sports that are not related to VYI, we want to ensure our members continue to be respectful of the neighborhoods, schools, and parks that host our practices and events. Some of the specific complaints we’ve received include:
  • Parking in front of neighborhood houses and obstructing resident access
  • Walking through private property
  • Generally disturbing the peace and quiet of the people living around the fields and gyms

As stated previously, we don’t know if any of the incidents reported involve VYI parents, coaches or children but it is appropriate that we establish guidelines so that everyone knows what is expected of them. Anything a parent, coach or player does while attending a VYI activity reflects on VYI and all of us individually.

Use of area gyms and fields is a privilege not a right. VYI has an excellent reputation in the community and because of that we enjoy certain privileges. It is imperative that we maintain this reputation. We are guests in these neighborhoods and must conduct ourselves accordingly.

We will be amending the parents Code of Conduct rules to spell out specific expectations but here are some rules that we must all follow:

  • Parking on residential side streets is only permitted when all lots adjacent to a facility are full.
  • Do not park in the designated SACC (School Age Child Care) parking areas in school parking lots
  • When it is necessary to park on a neighborhood street we must be quiet and respectful of the residents and their property. This means there should be no yelling, littering or trespassing on private property.
  • Never park in such a way as to block a driveway or otherwise obstruct the resident from leaving their home or parking in front of it.
  • Make sure we leave each facility clean and free of trash.
  • Be a leader. If you witness inappropriate behavior intervene and report to a coach or commissioner as appropriate.
We appreciate your support in ensuring that we have continued access to the facilities that are vital to our sports programs.

Vienna Youth Incorporated
by posted 05/01/2010
Officials Needed!

The FCYFL urgently needs more officials to cover all of our games.  If you know of someone who may be interested in a great part-time job that's a lot of fun, please contact the Fairfax County Football Officiating Assocation (FCFOA) cfoa1@gmail.com.

Candidates must be at least 16 years old and have reliable transportation.  Training will be provided.  This is a great job for high school students or adults.   

by posted 05/07/2009
Not getting emails from VYI... it may be SPAM filters...

VYI Football and VYI communicates to members and registered participants via email. If you are not receiving our announcements, you should login to your account by clicking the "Edit My Account" link on the left menu and validating that we have the correct email address for you and your child.

If the address is correct and you are still not getting our emails, check your computer's spam filters and make sure that you are able to receive notifications from BOTH vyi.org and leagueathletics.org. You may have to do this in your email program and/or your spam filtering program. To do this, add the vyi.org and leagueathletics.com domains to your "Buddy", "Friends", "Exceptions" lists.

League Athletics is our hosting company. They will not send you unsolicited emails, but most of the emails that VYI sends out, will be sent by their email servers.

Unfortunately, legitimate emails from member lists and non-profit organizations are increasingly becoming the victims of mail services' attempts to combat the clever SPAMMERs.

If you have trouble updating your account, or think that something is wrong with your email address, you may contact the VYI system administrator at .

Football specific questions should still be directed to .

by posted 08/31/2006
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