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The VYI Board of Directors has determined that under no circumstances may a coaching applicant interface with VYI registrants until such time as they have successfully passed a background check and have completed an annual Coach Application for the given sport. A successful pass of a background check means a "Green" light status from our vendor, the National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI).

It is the Sport Commissioner's responsibility to input all head coaches and assistants, who may take over the team without the head coach being present, into "Team Contacts" at their sport website. Then, each commissioner, prior to the start of any VYI sponsored contact with registered players, must ensure that all persons on the Team Contact list have completed a coaching application for VYI and have a "Green" status from NCSI.



A "Pending" status means that the process is "stuck" at NCSI for some reason. Any time over ten business days since the background check was completed indicates a problem at NCSI and the coaching applicant should call NCSI at 440-542-9690 to determine their exact status and to obtain an acceptable rating.

No coach with a "Pending" status may interact with VYI registrants until they receive a "Green" status.



If a coaching prospect receives a "Red" light after completing a background check or has a "Pending" status after ten business days, it may simply mean that the coach has failed to provide certain documentation required in the process, such as a driver's license or copy of a passport. This status information is usually conveyed to a prospect by one or more emails from the National Center for Safety Initiatives, but may be communicated directly by the sport commissioner.

To resolve a "Red" or "Pending" issue for lack of documentation, the applicant needs to contact NCSI directly  to determine exactly what is required. Usually, an applicant can scan and email, or take a picture of the driver's license and send it directly to NCSI. Please call NCSI at 440-542-9690 to ask how exactly to proceed, or pick from below to complete the process.


Fax: 440 542 9833


NOTE: A lot of coaches will just take a picture with their smartphone and then email it to:



If a "Red" light is received for any reason other than lack of documentation, the applicant should contact NCSI directly, or speak with their sport commissioner to determine how to proceed in the process.


If a "Red" light is given for answering questions incorrectly, a process involving VYI, NCSI, and League Athletics is involved to allow an applicant to re-state their answers.. VYI and League Athletics must delete all records related to the Coach Application and NCSI must be contacted to reset their"gatekeeper" software which allows another background check to be started. The applicant then must be directed to go through the Coach Application process completely again.



If a Background Check status shows a "Blue" "Expired" indication, it means that the BC check must be completed again immediately and if it is not, the coach may no longer coach in our league until it is completed.

To update a Background Check after receiving a "Blue" status, the coach shoould go to the registration program where he registered and instead of a "Register" button, there should be an "Edit" button. Click on the "Edit" button and complete the process as directed.



Any final determination of a "Red" light status may be appealed to VYI using the existing dispute resolution procedures detailed elsewhere on this website.