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This page serves as an information portal for VYI Commissioners. It is organized as follows:

  1. There is a FAQ section that will provide Commissioners with answers to common questions.
  2. There is a Guidance section that will provide Commissioners with tips on web "dos and don'ts."
  3. There is a Standards section that will define VYI website rules. These rules may include content, look and feel, member management, and other league rules that must be followed.

If you would like to see other sections, please let me know.

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How long should I keep Registration Programs on the Registration page?

Registration programs that have had participant registered should not be deleted by Commissioners at any time. If the list is getting to be too long for you to manage, send a note to specifying which programs you would like to have deleted. Programs that have never been opened and have never had registrants may be deleted at any time. Please be careful when doing this, as it is very easy to accidentally delete the wrong program. If at any time you do not feel comfortable doing this, you may request that the Admin do this for you ( ). 




  1. ALL CAPS should be used very sparingly. In fact, they are not recommended at all. This technique is not considered as acceptable standard practice by most web standards. Net Etiquette says that ALL CAPS is equivalent to YELLING at your reader. While most people don’t really care, there are many that will be irritated and offended by ALL CAPS.


 Standards and Requirements

  1. The standard font that should be used for all text is Arial with text color of Black. Standard paragraphs should be sized at 8.
  2. Text should only be Black (#000000) or Red/Maroon (#990000).
  3. Registration programs may only be deleted by the league Admin. This ensures that backups of all seasons are maintained for the scholarship evaluation process.
  4. Pictures should not provide anyone with a simple way to identify any children. In other words, no names should be visible on uniforms or otherwise. It is recommended that parent permission is received prior to posting pictures to the website.