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Jonathan Forde
Leadership Award

Jonathan Michael Jex-Blake Forde, a Vienna resident, was a long-time participant in a variety of VYI sports and particularly enjoyed Lacrosse, which he played at Gonzaga College High School. After high school and college, Jonathan was a combat engineer with the Virginia National Guard and was in training for his second tour in Iraq when he died unexpectedly of meningitis. Jonathan was an accomplished athlete in high school. In the military he was a steadfast soldier who led his troops with courage and fortitude. Jonathan led by example. To his friends he was humble, kind and selfless. He had a big heart and he always gave all he had in every situation. Jonathan had a wonderful sense of humor and the gift to make people laugh. He had a positive attitude, even in the darkest moments, and he served his country with great honor. VYI is pleased make this award annually to the graduating varsity athlete, who most exemplifies the positive characteristics displayed by Jonathan during his short lifetime.

Applicants for the Jonathan Forde Leadership Award should use the current VYI Scholarship Application on the WEB site and submit all required materials by the application deadline for the VYI Scholarship. The same prerequisites set forth on the VYI WEB site for the standard VYI scholarships will be used with particular emphasis given to information that reflects that the applicant embodies some of Jonathan's most memorable traits.


Donations to the Jonathan Forde Leadership Award can be made using the link on the WEB site.


2008 - Jennifer Crumley, James Madison High School

2009 - Edward F. Reed II, South Lakes High School

2010 - Stephanie Jemison Zadora, Oakton High School

2011 - Justin Murphy, The Landon School

2012 - Kellen Schmitz, James Madison High School
2013 - Matt Hayden, James Madison High School
2014 - Tori Anderson, Oakton High School
2015 - Benjamin Forde, Gonzaga College High School
2016 - Ryan Partridge, James Madison High School
2017 - Nick Yano, Gonzaga College High School
2018 - Boman Raskin, George C. Marshall High School
2019 - Harrison Sousa, Gonzaga College High School
2020 - Giovanna D'Angelo, Flint Hill School
2021 - Cameron Counts, James Madison High School
2022 - Samantha Tadle, James Madison High School
2023 - Luke Hanzlik, George C. Marshall High School